book [book]
[ME bok < OE boc, pl. bec < PGmc * bokiz, beech, beechwood tablets carved with runes < IE * bhagos, beech > BEECH, Gr phagos, L fagus]
a) a number of sheets of paper, parchment, etc. with writing or printing on them, fastened together along one edge, usually between protective covers
b) a literary or scientific work, anthology, etc. so prepared, distinguished by length and form from a magazine, tract, etc.
2. any of the main divisions of a long written or printed work, as of the Bible
a) a set of blank or ruled sheets or printed forms bound in a tablet, for the entry of accounts, records, notes, etc. [an account book]
b) [usually pl.] the records or accounts, as of a business, kept in such a book or books
4. something regarded as a subject for study [the book of life]
5. the body of facts, traits, or circumstances connected with a person or subject, esp. as being understandable, evident, etc. [an open book] or obscure, done with, etc. [a closed book]
6. [pl.] studies; lessons
a) the words of an opera or musical play; libretto: distinguished from SCORE
b) the script of a play
8. a booklike package, as of matches or tickets
a) a list or record of bets taken and the odds given, as by bookmakers on horse races
b) Slang BOOKMAKER (sense 2)
10. Bridge a certain number of tricks that must be won before additional tricks count in the score; specif., the first six tricks won by the declarer
1. to record in a book; list
2. to engage ahead of time, as rooms, transportation, performers or performances, etc.
3. to record charges against on a police record
4. to take (bets) as a bookmaker
in, from, or according to books or accounts
bring to book
1. to force to explain; demand an accounting from
2. to reprimand
by the book
according to the rules; in the prescribed or usual way
close the book on
1. to put an end to
2. to put an end to further consideration, discussion, etc. of
close the books
Bookkeeping to make no further entries, balance the books, and draw up statements from them
in one's book
in one's opinion
in one's good books or in one's bad books
in (or out of) one's favor, or good graces
☆ in the book
in all that is known and practiced in connection with a particular activity [to know every trick in the book]
keep books
to keep a record of business transactions
know like a book or read like a book
to know well or fully
☆ make book
Slang to make or accept a bet or bets
☆ one for the books
Informal something notably surprising, shocking, or unexpected
on the books
1. recorded
2. listed; enrolled
the Book
the Bible
the book
Informal any set of rules, pronouncements, etc. regarded as authoritative
☆ throw the book at
1. Slang to place every possible pertinent charge against (an accused person)
2. to deal out the maximum in punishment, penalty, etc. to
write the book on Informal
1. to be the definitive authority or expert on
2. to be the embodiment of [she wrote the book on selfishness]

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